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Flower Arrangements for Different Occassions

Whether you are preparing for a wedding ceremony, anniversary, retirement, birthday, or preparing for any other special occasion, you are bound to receive compliments on your choice of decorations.


And what better way to decorate than with fresh fragrant flowers! Antoine Fenech Florist is one of the top Malta florists, providing fresh flowers and flower arrangements for various occasions. For many years Antoine Fenech Florist has cultivated flowers and provided beautiful flower arrangements and floral designs throughout the whole of Malta. And to satisfy our esteemed clientele we also import flowers on order from the best international flower auctions.


Enjoying years of experience that has been passed on from generation to generation, Antoine Fenech Florist is renowned for creating and designing beautiful flower arrangements of any size and kind.


Since we manage our own flower nurseries, we are in a position to guarantee a steady supply of fresh flowers all year round. We also import flowers on order from established international flower auctions. So whether you would like to decorate your Wedding Church or Wedding Hall, or simply want to buy Valentine’s Day Flowers or Mother’s Day Flowers, contact us now, you will not be disappointed.